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Dynamic Flyer’s Creamy Pale Ale

Born the 03.03.06

Pedigree of Dynamic Flyer´s Creamy Pale Ale DKK. REG 04936/2006

DKCH USACH Starbuck Torbay About Face

USACH Daragoj Matter of Time

USACH  Echo Run Tan Your Blue Hide

Daragoj Charlotte Russe

USACH MSK’s Cherokee Annie

USACH Tashwould Sumthing To Talk About

USACH MSK’s Abigail The Quiet

DKCH EUUV03 Dynamic Flyer’s Rocking Hallmark

DKCH EUUV97 KBUV97 Gold Line’s Tough Eric Cantona


DKCH WA92 BESG93 KLBCHGold Line’s Fair Illusion

Dynamic Flyer’s Blue Baby Lioness Navans To All The Girls Luvd

DKCH KLBCH KBHV98 Gold Line’s Soft Baby Blue