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As the year's go by they move to a special place in the sky

Our Beagles loved for all their devotion. 


DKCH KLBCH KBHV98 Gold Line's Soft Baby Blue
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Ingrid 1994-2000

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DKCH BEJSG Gold Line's Full of Enthusiasm

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Valdemar 1992-1996

  Dynamic Flyer´s Pleasant CowGirl 

Emma  1998 - 2003

Emma give birth to 7 lovely puppies, on the day she passed away.  Emma had a Beautiful Quiet nature,  She is sadly missed around us all. Emma lives on in all her puppies today.

Ebbe 1990 - 2003


lovely boy Ebbe, his pedigree name, Dynamic Flyer which gave  name to our kennel many years ago, fitted him well Ebbe loved to run jump and spring.

He was the gentleman of the pack and  respected and loved by all .

DKCH Gold Line's Soft Basic Instinct



1997-2007 Harald

Mum and dads"Tju Tju"

Smart little Boy that loved to give tongue kisses, those Harald loved, he loved with all his heart.

Now Harald is together with Ida and Julius up in the rainbow.

Dynamic Flyer's Blue Baby Lioness
  1997-2007 THYRA

the one thing  that Thyra loved the most, was to be out side playing.

Dog shows, "what me" she would say, you have to stand still and look good. come on mum lets do something else than stand here.

I bet they are all having fun togeather up there in the rainbow with Tyra.

Gold Line's Fair Instinct
1992 -2007



Gerda was the grand-lady of the pack, all the  young dogs had  the greatest of respect for her even up to the end.

Gerda was a gentle lady, this she gave to her 27 offsprings. A lovley lady we will always remember in our hearts.




DKCH Daragoj Harley Davidson 






Svend-Hermod was owned by Dynamic Flyer´s and Kennel Gold Line.



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